Guests 2007

Part of the magic of Miskin is the reunion of old friends, many of whom are our "guest" performers. Over the years a hard core of regulars has developed, without whom Miskin really would feel strange. Of course I also grasp the chance to introduce a few new faces every year to keep the mix alive and perhaps spring a few surprises.

The downside of this is, of course, that someone has to drop off the end! I struggled for ages to fit everyone in with a concert spot and thought I had it sorted for ever when the "two concerts at once "idea took off. But of course that couldn't last and I still have to limit the time on stage. Still nobody ever complains and we have plenty of informal events to air your lungs or play your heart out.

So who is coming then?

New Names first. If a name is underlined just click on it to find out more. For now, some links are to last year they will be updated as I write new pages.

George Papavgeris ~ Guto Dafis

Sally and The Shot Dogs ~ Crispin Bartlett

Rock Berntsen ~ George Wilson ~ BarronBrady

Lucy Burrow ~ Dave Bennet & Brenda Hart

Giles Metcalfe Woods ~ Cartouche

Tracey Curtis ~ Mary Humphreys & Anahata

Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner ~ Ember

Capella ~ Chris King ~ Ann and Dave Reader

Mike Gibson ~ Chris Green (Isambarde)

Kathannie ~ Hilary Ward ~ Bill Mc Kinnon

Windwytch (Ken Stephens & Fiona Murfitt)

Gilly Hewitt ~ Alie Byrne & Steve Robinson

Pattie Smith & Ned Clamp ~ Mick Pearce

Peter Collins ~ Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Trefor & Vicki Williams ~ Mash ~ Jim Mc Adams

Mike Nicholson ~ Magwitch ~ Steve Viney

Luasca ~ Eirwen Malin & Phil Thomas


Dancing from

Herbaceous Border ( Sue White)

Crouch Vale Morris

Your Folk Club MCs,

Lynne & Ted Tann-Watson

and your Saturday Night Band

Tarrantella Ceilidh Band

And of course our popular favourite with the young ones

Jan and her Van