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Ken Stephens

A keen supporter for a couple of years now, ken is another friend from my Southampton days with a long association with the Folk world both here and abroad. Indeed when I asked Ken for some thoughts about himself Ken said he is surprised to find he now clocks 40 years in Folk and music!

Ex-Focsle (Southampton) Resident, Morris with Men of Wight, Southsea Belles, Samhain and others. Former Sing Driver at Sidmouth Middle Bar, an ABS founder and chair (or is it seat?).
With various groups he has toured Europe even behind the old Iron Curtain and played in the USA and Canada.
2005 saw an Australian Visit, but as a songwriter the songs had already travelled world wide.
Known for Sea Song and Shanty, Ken is a Heritage Musician who watches the seasons change and plays as a community entertainer to all kinds of people. With a philosophy that the 'song is bigger than the singer' Ken is never happier than when he can encourage fledgling singers- who usually ignore him when they get famous! Ken brought a good idea with him last year - to start the festival with an informal session Friday afternoon; A sort of sing, say and play session under the banner of :

The First Stirrings of Spring

It worked very well last year so once again let's celebrate the start of the festival season as we mean to go on.

Here's a short bit of one of Ken's songs " Survivor Leave" also recorded by another festival guest and old friend Ian Woods. Just the first verse and the final chorus, recorded live during the Medemblik Seasong and Shanty Festival in 2002. Poland I believe !!!


Welcome back Ken